Past roundtables of the Apollo Leadership Institute, with General Counsel and senior in-house

representation from:

American Bar Association, Amplify, Axiom Legal Services, Barclays, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Boku, BT, Cable & Wireless, Channel 4, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Competition Markets Authority (CMA), Cognizant,, Credit Suisse, DAR Group, Deutsche Bank, EBRD, GE Capital, Globality Inc., Google Fiber, Harley Davidson, HSBC, Intel Corporation, ITV, Jefferies, JP Morgan, The Law Society, LexisNexis, Link Asset Services, Lombard International Group, Monster, Morgan Stanley, National Grid, Rothschild & Co., Salesforce, Santander, Shell, Socos Labs, TransferWise, WhatsApp, Workday, Visa, Walmart, and others.

Apollo Leadership Institute: Senior Advisory Board 

We are pleased to announce the establishment of our Senior Advisory Board, a body of leading general counsel and senior in-house lawyers who will advise the co-leads of the Apollo Leadership Institute on all aspects of our work, including prioritisation and implementation of projects (as well as accompanying timetables, etc.), to ensure that we are meeting our own goals as well as the needs of general counsel and senior in-house lawyers around diversity, inclusion, and culture.

  • Edward Bibko, General Counsel for EMEA and Asia, Jefferies

  • Sarah Blomfield, General Counsel EMEA, Evercore

  • Alan Bryan, Senior Associate General Counsel, Walmart

  • David Jackson, Managing Director, Head of Group Corporate, Treasury and M&A Legal, Barclays 

  • Ruchi Kaushal, General Counsel, Cable & Wireless Communications 

  • Fleur Knowsley, Acting General Counsel, Google Fiber (US)

  • Sheldon Mills, Director of Competition, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • Barry Matthews, SVP General Counsel (EMEA and UK), Meggitt; Founder, Social Mobility Business Partnership; Member Board of Directors, Solicitors Regulation Authority

  • Ike Osaki, General Counsel EMEA, Bank of America

  • Monica Risam, General Counsel, Lombard International Group

  • Emma Slatter, General Counsel, Visa Europe

  • Emily Smith-Reid, Deputy General Counsel, HSBC  

  • Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, Former Lord Mayor of the City of London; Former President of the Law Society 


If you are a General Counsel or senior in-house lawyer and would like to participate in the Apollo Leadership Institute, please contact

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