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On November 1st, the InterLaw Diversity Forum held our first ever Student Lab Summit, a one-day event to support high-potential, diverse students from all UK universities and backgrounds on their career journey by connecting them with their peers, law firms, barristers' chambers, and corporate institutions through panel events, interactive skills-based workshops, and a law fair.    

The Student Lab Summit was exclusively sponsored by BPP University Law school, and took place at BPP University Law School's London, Holborn Centre.

Thanks to BPP University Law School and their fantastic staff, our amazing speakers and facilitators, our generous volunteers, and our Law Fair participants, who all contributed their time and talents to make the day such a success!

Thanks, as well, to our very impressive group of students.  We had 112 student participants, all of whom were selected based on their strong applications.

To be kept informed of our future student events, please sign up to our membership lists using the link at the bottom of this page.

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