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Guide to Gender-Neutral Drafting (2019)

We’ve teamed up with the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel and the Government Legal Department to demonstrate how easy it is to draft in a way that is legally effective and gender neutral.

The UK’s Office of the Parliamentary Counsel and Government Legal Department have been promoting the use of gender-neutral drafting for UK statutes and statutory instruments for many years. Both organisations are at the heart of drafting legislation in the UK and believe there is no reason why gender-neutral drafting cannot become the norm across the profession.

We are very proud to be supporting the publication of this simple, yet well-crafted and effective Guide to Gender-Neutral Drafting for the wider UK legal profession. This publication has been drafted by the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel and the Government Legal Department. This guide distills years of work by both organisations to promote gender-neutral drafting in a wide range of UK government legal documents.



Guide to Gender-Neutral Drafting (2019)

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