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ARCHIVES (2008 - October 2017)

This page provides information on many of our past newsletters, events, and activities. 


October 2017: Ethnicity & Race Initiative 



September 2017:   Disability, Trans, and Bi Roundtable Discussions



September 2017: Positive and Mindful Leadership summit



September 2017 LGBT+ Monthly Meeting: “LGBT+ Families and the Law”



September 2017 BAME Monthly Meeting: “Actively manage your career”



August 2017:  Apollo Project Best Practice Toolkit Breakfast series – “Next Level Success”



August 2017: Lavender Law Finance Law Institute



August 2017 BAME and LGBT+ Monthly Meetings:  Summer Charity Drinks Celebration



July 2017:  Apollo Project Best Practice Toolkit Breakfast series –  "Supply Chain Diversity Best Practice”



July 2017: Summer Newsletter



July 2017 LGBT+ Monthly Meeting: “Exploring Transgender and Multiple Identities/Intersectionality”


July 2017 BAME Monthly Meeting:  “How to be a catalyst for change in your workplace and beyond”



June 2017 LGBT+ Monthly Meeting: “Apollo Project Phase 4 andCareer Progression Report update”



June 2017: Bloomberg Pride Month Kickoff Event



June 2017 BAME Monthly Meeting: “Careers in the legal sector for BAME students”



May 2017 LGBT+ Monthly Meeting: ‘Stonewall Workplace Equality Index”



May 2017 BAME Monthly Meeting: “How to be an effective BAME Ally”

April 2017: Newsletter and 2017 Network Meeting Rota



April 2017 BAME Monthly Meeting: "Strategies to Create a BAME-inclusive Environment"



March 2017 LGBT+ Monthly Meeting:  "Conversation with Stonewall co-founder Lisa Power"



February 2017 Apollo Project NYC event:  LEAD Program (2016 Apollo Project winner)



February 2017 LGBT+ Monthly Meeting: Stonewall WEI and Stonewall/InterLaw ‘Top 25 in the Legal Sector’ 



January 2017: Update survey for the Career Progression Report



Winter Carnival 2017 – Save the Date



December 2016: Apollo Project Phase 3 Awards event



November 2016 Newsletter



November 2016: Launch of  BAME Network



October 2016: LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting:  “LGBT+ Family Law”



September 2016: Apollo Project Phase 3 – Call for Submissions



September 2016 LGBT+ Network Meeting: "Best practice session on Culture Change and Inclusive workplaces"

September 2016 Apollo Project event: "Best practice breakfast for senior leaders on supporting diverse talent within the legal sector and beyond"

August 2016: Career Progession Report – Update Survey



August 2016: 8thAnniversary Party 



July 2016:  2016 Lavender Law Finance Law Institute Agenda announced



July 2016:  UK Surrogacy Law Reform - Letter To MPs



July 2016:  LGBT+ Network July Meeting:  “An evening with Matthew Todd, author and editor of Attitude magazine, discussing his recent book Straight jacket - How to be Gay and Happy



June 2016:  June Newsletter



June 2016: Official Pride in London VIP Breakfast (InterLaw Diversity Forum and CMS)



June 2016: LGBT+ Network June Meeting: “Best practice session on supporting BAME professionals and Multiple Identities”



May 2016: LGBT+ Network May Meeting: “Best Practice session on Gender Equality and Multiple Identities”



April 2016: LGBT+ Network April Meeting



April 2016: April Newsletter



April 2016:Out & Proud Corporate Counsel Award at the Club at the Ivy (InterLaw Diversity Forum and the LGBT Bar)



March 2016: Best Practice Breakfast on Recruitment, Retention and Promotion of LGBT Professionals

March 2016: March Newsletter


March 2016: LGBT+ Network March Meeting: Student Activism 


March 2016: International Women’s Day Event 



March 2016: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in a Global Legal Profession – Lausanne, Switzerland (InterLaw Diversity Forum, the IILP & the Chicago Bar Assocation)



March 2016:  ‘Pride and Prejudice: The Business and Economic Case of LGBT Diversity and Inclusion”  (The Economist Events)



February 2016: Networking Lunch with Chairs of the Lavender Law Finance Law Institute (including SEC representatives)


February 2016: LGBT+ Network Meeting: Stonewall WEI plus InterLaw/Stonewall ‘Top 20 in the Legal Sector’ List




December 2015: Holidays Greetings to members



December 2015:  Winter Carnival 2016 Invitation 2


December 2015: Winter Carnival 2016 Invitation 



December 2015: Holiday Charity Drinks to benefit Mermaids



December 2015: CMS Jewish Network Event (CMS)



December 2015: Newsletter



December 2015: Afternoon with Kath Gillespie-Sells (CMS)



November 2015: Save the Date – Winter Carnival 2016



November 2015: Apollo Project Winners announced



November 2015 Newsletter



November 2015:  Apollo Project Awards Ceremony at the Club at the Ivy



October 2015: Depression Alliance Event (CMS)



October 2015 LGBT+ Network Meeting: The Albert Kennedy Trust



September LGBT+ Network Meeting: D&I Best Practice; and Newsletter



August 2015 Newsletter


July 2015 Newsletter



July 2015  Apollo Project (Phase 2) Call for Submissions

July 2015 CMS Women’s Network Cocktail and Cabaret (CMS)


June 2015 Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline ‘Re-launch Gala”



June 2015 Pride in London Brunch at The Club at the Ivy (CMS) - Exclusive Pride in London 2015 Pre-Parade Event



June 2015 Apollo Project (Phase 2) launch event at the FT



June 2015 InterLaw Diversity Forum Presents Purple Reign Trans* Event: “Exploring the T” (Official Pride in London 2015 Closing Event) 



May 2015 Athena Project (CMS) exhibition at Birkbeck: Closing event



May 2015 Opening of Athena Project (CMS) exhibition at Birkbeck



May 2015 InterLaw Diversity Forum Presents a Screening Of Codebreaker



May 2015 “An Evening with War Child” (CMS Women’s Network)



April 2015 Autism Awareness Event At CMS 



March 2015 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting: Stonewall WEI and announcement of InterLaw/Stonewall 'Top 20 in the Legal Sector'



March 2015: InterLaw Diversity Forum and the IILP Present: “The Diversity Ops Centre: Opinions, Operations, And Opposition”



March 2015 International Women’s Day Inspirational Breakfast (CMS)



February 2015 Lawyers for War Child



February 2015  LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter



January 2015 6th Annual Winter Carnival to benefit the Albert Kennedy Trust, hosted by Alan Carr




December 2014 Annual Holiday Charity Drinks to benefit Stonewall



November 2014 3rd Anniversary for the Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence, hosted by patron The Rt. Hon. Baroness Patricia Scotland, QC at the Club at the Ivy



November 2014 InterLaw Diversity Forum & the IILP present: “Supporting Each Other; Helping Ourselves”



November 2014  “Diversity and Inclusion Thought Leadership E-Learning Breakfast at the Club at The Ivy” (CMS)



November 2014:  InterLaw Diversity Forum & LGBT Bar Association (US) present: “Business Legal Conference, a Lavender Law Experience for Europe”


(Student outreach)


October 2014 InterLaw Diversity Forum & The LGBT Bar Seek Rising Stars Under 40



October 2014 LGBT+ Network Monthly meeting: "Does gender in the workplace only mean male or female?"



September 2014 LGBT+ Network monthly meeting: “A Conversation with Simon Fanshawe” (Co-founder of Stonewall)



September 2014  InterLaw Diversity Forum Outing to the Donmar Theatre: My Night with Reg



September 2014 Diversity & Inclusion Week (CMS)



September 2014 London Launch, P3: Proud, Professional, Parents



August 2014 Newsletter



August 2014  6th Anniversary Party/Purple Reign Exhibition



June 2014 Purple Reign Pride in London Pop-Up Exhibition



June 2014 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter



June 2014 Purple Reign launch event at Mansion House


May 2014 Apollo Project Launch Event at the House of Commons


May 2014 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter

April 2014 InterLaw Diversity Forum and the IILP present: “Race and Ethnicity in the Legal Profession"



April 2014 Newsletter


April 2014 InterLaw Diversity Forum Outing to Puffball



March 2014 Apollo Project Submissions


March 2014 Launch of the Apollo Project


March 2014 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter


March 2014 InterLaw Diversity Forum Outing to the Royal Court to see The Pass

March 2014 InterLaw Diversity Forum Outing to the Royal Court to see The Mistress Contract



March 2014 The Athena Summit: International Women's Day 2014



February 2014 InterLaw Diversty Forum 5th Annual Winter Carnival 



February 2014 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter



February 2014  InterLaw Diversity Forum:  Apollo Project Roundtable for Diversity Professionals (NYC)



February 2014  InterLaw Diversity Forum: Apollo Project Roundtable for Diversity Professionals (London)



January 2014 Newsletter




December 2013 World AIDS Day Raffle And December Holiday Drinks Supporting EJAF



November 2013 IFLR Women In Business Law Group



November 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter



October 2013 ABA Fall Meeting



October 2013  LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter


September 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter



August 2013 Newsletter



August 2013 Pop-up Charity Event



June 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting and Newsletter



June 2013 Official PRIDE in London Panel Event



May 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting



May 2013 Newsletter



April 2013 Newsletter



April 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting



March 2013 Newsletter



March 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting



2013 Winter Carnival Invitation



February 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting



January 2013 Newsletter



January 2013 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting




December 2012 Holiday Drinks and Newsletter

December 2012 World AIDS Day



November 2012 LGBT+ Network Monthly Meeting



November 2012 Newsletter



Nov 2012: Management Briefing 

*** Records before this date are no longer accessible. ***






2009-2010 Annual Report






2008 Annual Report

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