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The InterLaw Diversity Forum was proud to launch our ENABLE (dis)Ability Network in December 2017 to support those with disabilities in the legal sector, as well as their allies and supporters.  We have bi-monthly meetings  with speakers, workshops and lectures followed by professional networking.  This builds on the success of our eleven year old, groundbreaking LGBT+ Network, and our award-winning Race & Ethnicity (BAME) Network, which launched in 2016. 


We know that creating a safe space for diverse members of the profession and their allies to share best practice, hear inspirational stories, and to create informal mentoring relationships can have a transformative effect on the legal sector.


Part of this impact is also due to our work to change culture through projects such as the Apollo Project, Purple Reign and our updated Career Progression Report;  as well as our work behind the scenes with law firms, chambers, corporates and financial institutions to support their efforts around diversity, inclusion and culture. 


We think this that now is a critical time to be supporting the broad range of people with work-impacting disabilities in the legal sector and support their recruitment, retention and promotion, while implementing our best practice from our existing networks to have a measurable impact.

Past Meetings of

ENABLE (dis)Ability Network

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

09 Sep 2019

An often-overlooked area of disability is mental health. In recent years we have begun to see growing concern about the wellbeing and mental health of those working in the legal sector. Coming out of the shadows, there is now considerable research on lawyer wellbeing. The Law Society’s recent study by their Junior Lawyers Division, “Resilience and Wellbeing Survey”, has found a wide range of high stress and mental health issues experienced by junior lawyers. 

Research shows that high numbers of legal professionals experience mental health issues, including depression. Disillusionment with the work, hours-based performance measurement, workplace bullying, and a culture of competitiveness are cited as frequent causes. The Law Society study found that 90% of junior lawyers feel ‘stressed and under pressure on the job’, with over half of them saying they feel unable to cope as a result. A 2018 study by Legal Week showed that 91% of lawyers believe long working hours are negatively impacting their mental and physical health, with 20% stating that their working hours harm their health ‘a great deal’. 

Join us on for a discussion on how we can identify these issues in the workplace and what we can do to support our colleagues.


  • Ridhima Bhasin,Time to Change

  • Katia Ramo, Associate, CMS

  • Anna Robinson, Solicitor & Mental Health Ambassador/Wellbeing Lead, Laura Devine Immigration; Counselor & Psychotherapist

  • Daniel Winterfeldt, Founder & Chair, InterLaw Diversity Forum (moderator)

Thanks to Stephenson Harwood for generously hosting this event.

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