As part of our ongoing mission to share innovation and best practice around diversity, inclusion and culture between in-house leaders, the InterLaw Diversity Forum’s Apollo Leadership Institute is presenting this regular series of seminars aimed at driving change in the legal profession. 
The Speaker Series features thought-provoking ideas, innovative approaches, and creative initiatives which align with our mission of making the profession more inclusive and diverse. Each session is based around a short presentation or interview with the speaker followed by a Chatham House rule interactive discussion amongst the attendees where we can react, ask questions, or propose our own adaptations. 

The Apollo Leadership Institute Speaker Series has been made possible through the generous support of Heriot Brown. Heriot Brown In-House Legal Recruitment is a market leader in recruiting legal professionals in the in-house legal market with an extensive network of legal professionals. The business was founded by ex-lawyers dedicated to giving candidates the chance to expand their career in a more commercial environment whilst providing clients with highly skilled, motivated lawyers who are a strong cultural fit for their business. 

If you are a General Counsel or senior in-house lawyer and would like to participate in the Apollo Leadership Institute, please contact

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