The Apollo Leadership Institute, an initiative of the InterLaw Diversity Forum, was founded in 2018 as a global hub for general counsel and senior in-house lawyers from all sectors), and focuses on inclusive leadership and culture, diversity and inclusion, and the creation of meritocratic workplaces.

We held our first annual Summit on Wednesday, 10 March for an afternoon of programming from our faculty of experts and thought leaders on diversity, inclusion and culture in the legal sector. We focused on tangible actions that actually move the needle and covering a range of key topics, including: 

  • The UK Model Diversity Survey

  • Managing Law Firm Panels for Better Outcomes in D&I 

  • Positive and Mindful Leadership

  • The Power of Coaching

  • Exclusive Findings of the Updated Career Progression in the Legal Sector Report

  • The Scotland-Woolf Rule


Our trailblazing keynote speakers included:

  • Matthew Syed, author of Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking and Black Box Thinking

  • Dame Fiona Woolf, former Lord Mayor of the City of London and former President of the Law Society

Burford Capital was proud to sponsor the inaugural Apollo Leadership Institute Summit. The Equity Project was launched in 2018, in response to finding that less than 10% of the thousands of cases brought to us for financing were led by women. Through a $50 million pool of capital earmarked for financing commercial litigation and arbitration matters led by women, The Equity Project aims to give women in law more opportunities for leadership that will advance their careers and level the playing field.

For additional information on how you could use The Equity Project to incentivise the law firms you work with to put a woman lawyer as a lead on your matters please download The Equity Project 101or reach out to Lucy Glyn or Elizabeth Fisher to arrange a presentation. We’d be delighted to discuss the application of The Equity Project to specific challenges you face as a business and a legal department, showcasing how it can add tangible value as a strategic tool as well as open up new dialogues about diversity in law.

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