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Social Mobility 

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Addressing Social Mobility in the Legal Sector: Identifying Barriers and Solutions

21 Jul 2020

Social mobility is one of the key issues impacting equality in the legal sector, as well as wider society, and cuts across all strands of diversity and inclusion.


The recent focus on Black Lives Matters and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic talent in the legal sector has also shined a light on systemic inequalities within society and the workplace which overlap with barriers to advancement and progression put in place by challenges to social mobility.


We will speak with experts in the field and discuss what we can do as individuals and organisations to better address social mobility concerns within the legal sector. We will also consider intersectionality and explore how social mobility impacts other strands of diversity and inclusion, including race & ethnicity, gender, LGBT+ and disability. This event anticipates the upcoming publication of our updated research report, Career Progression in the Legal Sector Report, as well as the accompanying Social Mobility Factsheet which will follow on from the report. The Social Mobility Factsheet has been generously sponsored by Santander.


Our research is a key component of the work of the InterLaw Diversity Forum, and is co-led by Dr. Lisa Webley, Professor of Legal Education and Research & Head of Birmingham Law School; and by Daniel Winterfeldt QC (Hon), Founder & Chair, InterLaw Diversity Forum. We are updating our ground-breaking 2012 Career Progression Report for 2020 in order to assess what progress has been made in the UK legal sector since the original report. For the updated report we have collected two additional data sets on gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and social mobility, the first from over 1,400 respondents in 2017/18 and the second from over 1,000 in 2020. Our data set in 2012 was one of the first data sets in the UK to show a link between social mobility and gender. The updated report will be launched later this year and will aim to track progress, identify barriers, and determine the best ways to effect positive cultural change in the legal sector, producing a report similar to our 2012 report with comparisons over the period, updated data, and fact sheets covering relevant strands of diversity and inclusion. The fact sheets will include: (i) Gender; (ii) Race & Ethnicity; (iii) LGBT+; (iv) Disability; and (v) Social Mobility.




  • Payal Anand, Vice President, Credit Suisse

  • John Collins, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Santander UK

  • Laura Durrant, Deputy Chair, InterLaw Diversity Forum; Consulting Director, Howlett Brown

  • Barry Matthews, Founder, Social Mobility Business Partnership; Member Board of Directors, Solicitors Regulation Authority

  • Daniel Winterfeldt QC (Hon), Founder & Chair, InterLaw Diversity Forum; Partner, Reed Smith


Thanks to our virtual host, Weil, for supporting this webinar.

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